Site Design by 2x4

It's always fun to work with great designers. We got a double-dose when design firm 2x4 asked us to build out their concept for Tweek, a project of renowned lighting and furtniture designer David Weeks.

The 2x4 design smartly allows the artifacts Tweek produces to speak for themselves. But they did add some twists of their own, including a transparent overlay designed to appear only once, a neat smooth-scrolling product list and some room to highlight Tweek's quirky product videos.

Put to the test, we were able to make it all happen within technical standards: not quite as easy as it looks.

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2x4's design called for a transparent overlay to be presented only on the user's first visit to the website.
A prominent dropdown product list acts as a kind of control panel, allowing users to smoothly scroll through each of the designed artifacts.
The spare website design lets Tweek's own unique, playful design take center stage.
The site includes quirky videos for some artifacts produced by the folks at Tweek. Here, finger puppets party around a campfire votive candle.
Progressive integrated the 2x4-designed site with Tweek's chosen e-commerce vendor.